Say Goodbye to

Platform Headaches!

IKONICONNECTS is a streamlined application that cross connects a Web based platform to mobile platforms. Using two applications and one web based API platform, the artist can use either the Artist application or the Web Based platform to: monitor income, manage booking requests, post a feed blog that notifies everyone following the artist of the new blog, interact with others in a group chat room, social media, create frames for social media and other fans to use, moderate your fan following database, live stream your gig show or use the platform to facilitate a live digital gig where the fan can opt into streaming it to a Bluetooth device or their phone.

Take Payments

Easily collect payments for services and gigs. Instant deposit to your checking account via the application interface.


Instantly create services and have them available as bookings to all of your clients. Inform all your followers with the push of a button.


Take a look at all your followers quickly and easily.  Edit information, see who they are, and instantly reach out to them.


This dual platform allows you to function at the office on your laptop with the web backend or use your mobile phone to manage everything.

Perfect for my artwork. I was easily able to manage my services and sell them to clients.

Jennifer Pabs

Amazing application, this made my DJ business so easy to manage.

Mike Borgen

I started this monthly to have a quick way to book and bill clients but it quickly became my favorite application for managing my business.

Tom Cinaid

The Wait Is Finally Over

Change the way you keep in touch, do business & enjoy a stress free life.